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About Us

Our mission is to equip youth, through prevention education, with the knowledge and skills to make positive life choices.

A History of Proven Success

Since 1979, Operation Aware of Oklahoma has equipped more than 681,107 young people in northeastern Oklahoma with resistance skills and prevention education so they can make positive choices and become healthy, strong adults. 

The original Operation Aware program began in Duluth, Minnesota in 1976.  The curriculum was developed using trend and statistical data, causal factors, and sound medical facts. Teaching methods considered students ability to comprehend, discuss, internalize information, and accept responsibility for their choices and actions. Operation Aware's innovative approach presented health facts, consequences of high-risk behaviors, and strategies for positive decision making - - instead of the then-popular "scare tactics" that were ineffective. 

Operation Aware of Oklahoma began as a one-man prevention effort when Gregg Conway, a young man transplanted from New York, recognized the need for drug prevention outreach in Tulsa. Conway traveled to Duluth in 1979 to receive the Operation Aware training. In collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Tulsa, Operation Aware began in three classrooms serving 1,200 students in the fall of 1979. Under the leadership of Jack H. Santee, Operation Aware's first Board Chairman, Operation Aware was incorporated and received designation as a 501(c)(3) organization in September 1980.  The first public school program was conducted the next year at Walter Leeper Middle School in Claremore, and the first Tulsa public school program was offered at Grimes Elementary. 

In its earliest days, the organization received Venture Grant funding for two years from the Tulsa Area United Way, and Operation Aware continues today as a proud member of the Tulsa Area United Way. In 1985, First Lady Nancy Reagan visited Operation Aware students to spread the prevention message and helped establish the Endowment Fund to provide for long term sustainability of the program. 

Field trips to local hospitals, detention centers and treatment facilities were incorporated into the 6th grade curriculum. During these tours, students learned firsthand about the consequences of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. For many alumni, these remain some of the most memorable lessons of the Operation Aware curriculum. A partnership with EMSA continues today as a strong component of the program. 

In the 1990's, Operation Aware began to serve the second generation of students in Tulsa Public Schools and surrounding districts. Operation Aware now serves young people in grades pre-kindergarten through high school. Operation Aware's highly trained Prevention Educators, present age-adapted 8-week programs in public, private and faith-based schools, in urban, rural and suburban settings. Operation Aware curriculums are also available for after-school programs and other forums. Although the venue is different, the strong and clear message of prevention and healthy decision-making remains the same. 

While the original Operation Aware organization in Duluth is no longer active, Operation Aware of Oklahoma is a one-of-a-kind prevention and positive life skills program that has more than 35 years of proven effectiveness in reaching children and teens.  It continues to serve as the comprehensive prevention education resource for the development of healthy strong young people in Tulsa and surrounding communities in northeastern Oklahoma.

Meet The Team:

Stevmichaelsimg 8810 Pplr

Jeni Dolan, Executive Director, has a BS with an emphasis in Deaf Education from the University of Tulsa. She grew up in California but moved to Tulsa for college and never left. Jeni joined Operation Aware in 2002 as a Prevention Educator and has taught Operation Aware to over 37,000 youth in Tulsa. She became the Executive Director in 2013 because she believes and has seen the transformation in a young person when they realize that they “choose” where their “road of life” leads. The road of life is a key concept in every Operation Aware Class. In her spare time you can find Jeni with her family at basketball gym or a dance studio, and most likely with her camera in hand.

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Mackenzie Staples, Director of Programs, joined the Operation Aware team in spring 2009. Mackenzie received a Bachelors’ of Arts Degree in both Communication and Sociology from the University of Oklahoma.

Her background includes working as an income developer for a national health-related nonprofit and being Director of several Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions offices and their staff and instructors. These positions allowed her to work with youth and discover her passion for empowering them to realize and utilize their own inner strengths. Mackenzie’s favorite thing about Operation Aware’s mission is helping guide our students to want more for themselves and make positive life choices to further their potential.

When she is not spending quality time with her husband and two children, friends or family, Mackenzie enjoys cooking, painting, and interior design.


Tara Saylor, Director of Development, has worked for non-profit and educational organizations for her entire career. She specializes in development and program evaluation.  Tara has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Miami University and a Masters and PhD from the University of Virginia Curry School of Education. 

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Jenny Pinson

Jenny graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice from Northeastern State University. She is a Tulsa native and has a growing blended family of four with two wonderful boys. Jenny was accepted into the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, but she decided she'd rather teach youth about making positive decisions. She came to Operation Aware in 2013 and is excited about making a difference in the lives of so many kids! In her spare time, she enjoys going to her son’s games, volunteering at his school and doing fun family activities.

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Cynthia Bergman

Cynthia graduated with a BA in Sociology from Oklahoma State University. She is a Tulsa native and was among the first students in Tulsa to have Operation Aware Class in the 80's. She came to Operation Aware in 2015, after many years of substitute teaching, raising her children and having worked as a Child Welfare Investigator. She's passionate about giving children the tools they need to make good choices. She has volunteered with the PTA, Booster Club and as a cheer sponsor. In her spare time, she likes to read, play piano and go to her kids' baseball games and cheer competitions.

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Cori Lyon

Cori graduated with a BA in Psychology from Colorado Christian University. She came to Operation Aware in 2015, after having taught child abuse prevention education to families with a local non profit. She believes that prevention education is the only way to stop a cycle and empower people to choose their path before a choice is even made. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running and only cooking when forced.

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Bryana Ware

Bryana graduated with a BA in Psychology from George Fox University. She spent her childhood near Mt. Hood, Oregon but moved to Oklahoma to marry her husband. She came to Operation Aware in 2015, after working in public schools for five years. She noticed a critical need for character education, drug education and life skills in schools and that teachers needed support. She is excited about working at Operation Aware because she loves working with kids. She mentors high school youth and has volunteered with Young Life. She likes to ask youth "What is it that you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?!" In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, anything active and going on adventures with her husband


Sierra Fletcher 

Sierra Fletcher joined Operation Aware in the fall of 2015. She recently received her Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Dance Performance with a minor in Business from Oral Roberts University. Sierra has experience performing and sharing her passion for dance through teaching various dance classes to children and teens. Additionally, Sierra has worked administratively for various non-profit organizations, also helping to facilitate and oversee projects and events. However, Operation Aware allows Sierra to work hands on in what she loves to do - mentor and work with youth by empowering them to be the best they can be.
In her spare time, Sierra enjoys watching Disney movies with her husband and catching up on some of their favorite TV shows. She also loves drawing and illustrating, and squeezing in a good book or nap every now and then.



Tom Seidel

Tom Seidel joined Operation Aware as a Graduate Assistant in the fall of 2016. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Psychology, and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Social Work at the OU-Tulsa campus. Tom has worked for several social service agencies, including Creoks and the Tulsa Boys Home, which have allowed him to work with the population he loves the most: Tulsa’s youth.  Tom now presides over the Operation A.R.T. program, helping to build positive mentoring relationships between students and artists all over Tulsa. Tom enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, listening to music, and playing video games in his spare time. He also loves attending music festivals and camping out under the stars.