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  • Calling all Operation Aware alumni

    "I know there's a lot that goes into being a good kid and being raised to be a good person but I want to thank Operation Aware ." OA alum

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  • Student of the Quarter

    "He is well liked by all his peers and actively tries to get everyone around him to do the right thing.  He is a great friend and leader.  I can always count on him."

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"...this program helped keep me on a good path my entire childhood and teenage years. It wasn't a part of my life long, maybe a year or two but it left quite the impact." Operation Aware alum

Operation Aware of Oklahoma is a drug prevention program.

  • Where: We have served in Tulsa and within an 80 mile radius, including multiple counties.
  • When: 1979-today (for 36 years)
  • Who: Our Core Operation Aware Curriculum is presented to grades 3rd through high school.

If you recall these messages you most likely had Operation Aware:

  • Road of life,
  • Friend verses negative buddies,
  • Seeing pictures of what smoking can do to the inside of your body,
  • and/or remember hospital field trips.

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  • Board Member: The Board of Directors provides guidance in strategic initiatives and policy development and provides leadership in executing the mission of Operation Aware.  Board members serve actively for a three-year term and may serve for three additional 1-year terms.  The Board of Directors is ultimately accountable for the financial sustainability of the organization. To be considered for a position on the Board please email or fax the board member application to info@operationaware.org or 918-582-7886 Board Member Application
  • Golf Tournament - Volunteers may serve on the tournament steering committee securing sponsors and prizes or may volunteer the day of the event for 3 to 6 hours of fun on the golf course.  
  • Artists – Who volunteer to work with students to collaborate on a piece of art for the Operation Art event.


Sponsorships include cash and/or in-kind donations to Operation Aware for fundraising events. This is an opportunity for area businesses and civic groups to share the public relations spotlight at these times.

Employment Opportunities

Prevention Educator positions are open in June and training begins in August. Requirements include:

  • A bachelor's degree
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Commitment to Operation Aware mission.

Submit a resume along with a cover letter to info@operationaware.org to apply. We hire based on availablity of current staff.