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Operation Aware Joins the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids as New National Alliance Partner

Partnership 30Th Anniversary Member Alliance Logo

NEW YORK (Feb. 29, 2016) – The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a national nonprofit working to reduce substance abuse among adolescents, announced today that Operation Aware will become their newest Alliance Partner.

Based in Oklahoma, Operation Aware is an award-winning nonprofit organization whose mission is to equip youth, through prevention education, with the knowledge and skills to make positive life choices. Founded in 1979, the organization serves more than 11,000 students every academic year across the northeastern part of the state. Through this partnership, Operation Aware will help raise awareness of the dangers of substance abuse and help amplify the Partnership’s drug prevention messages.  

“We, at Operation Aware, are very excited to team up with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids,” said Jeni Dolan, Executive Director of Operation Aware. “Our shared values will only grow the opportunities for our prevention messages to be at the forefront of our community. As youth make the connection that good choices produce lifelong positive opportunities, we empower them to be ready for life.”

“We are grateful to have Operation Aware join our network of partners working to reduce substance abuse among teens,” explained Teri Christensen, SVP, Director of State and Local Operations at the Partnership. “Through this collaboration, we are able to reach families across Oklahoma with the messages and resources to help parents raise healthy, drug-free kids.”

As teen medicine abuse reaches alarming levels, Operation Aware will share resources from the Partnership’s Medicine Abuse Project, a multi-year campaign that aims to prevent half a million teens from abusing medicine. To address this behavior, the Project offers comprehensive steps on how to properly safeguard and dispose of medicines and talk with kids about the dangers of abuse.


To learn more about the Partnership for drugfree.org kids visit drugfree.org

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Lunch and Learn:

Each school day, Operation Aware educators, armed with facts and effective techniques, build relationships with youth empowering them to walk the healthy steps to a drug-free life.  We are now taking our  efforts a step further by providing adults, parents and community leaders the opportunity to gain preventative knowledge to continue the conversation outside of the traditional Operation Aware classroom, maybe even at their own dinner-table!

Operation Aware is proud to offer several new options to adults to expand their knowledge and provide tools to support conversations that will aid youth in making positive life choices. Our newest presentation is Cybersafety! Call us today for information on how you can bring this program to your employees!


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