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  • Calling all Operation Aware alumni

    "I know there's a lot that goes into being a good kid and being raised to be a good person but I want to thank Operation Aware ." OA alum

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  • Student of the Quarter

    "He is well liked by all his peers and actively tries to get everyone around him to do the right thing.  He is a great friend and leader.  I can always count on him."

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Operation Aware golf tournament August 14, 2017 mark your calendar or register now!

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Local artists mentor and collaborate with students to create an art piece that is sold during the live auction at the Operation Art Gala. 

Operation Aware empowers youth to make the right choices. Studies reveal that people who cultivate themselves through hobbies, like art, are less likely to suffer from anxieties, rage, depression and other negative feelings. Kids face a lot of choices. We help them make the right ones. We believe in celebrating young people – and helping them develop the knowledge and life skills to practice responsible behavior. Operation Aware programs teach students the importance of respect and dignity – for themselves, for fellow classmates and teachers, for their family and for the community.