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Scholarship requests 2017/18

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Current scholarship requests for 2017/ 18

Below are the schools who have sent in a request for our 8 week program. Due to all the cuts our districts have experienced they are also requesting financial support to cover the schools portion of the program cost. this is only 50% of the actual cost to our ourganization to provide the program. If you or your company would like to support prevention at any of the following schools pleas contact: Jeni Dolan or Mackenzie Staples at 918-582=7884 

Anderson 3rd                 $750

Anderson 4th                   $500

Anderson 5th                    $500

Bristow 8th                       $1,800

Columbus 4th                   $750 Scholarship Granted

Columbus 5th                   $750 Scholarship Granted

Columbus 6th                   $1,250 Scholarship Granted

Cooper 4th                        $1,250 Scholarship Granted

Cooper 5th                        $1,000 Scholarship Granted

Cooper 6th                        $500 Scholarship Granted

Coweta Mission 5th           $500

Coweta Mission 6th           $250

Disney 5th                         $1,250 Scholarship Granted

Emerson 4th                      $1,000 Scholarship Granted

Emerson 5th                      $750 Scholarship Granted

Emerson 6th                     $2,250 Scholarship Granted

Jackson K                          $500

Jackson 1st                        $500

Jackson 2nd                       $500

Jackson 3rd                        $750

Jackson 4th                       $500

Jackson 5th                        $500

Jackson 6th                        $500

Justus-Tiawah 4th               $900

Lewis and Clark 4th           $500 Scholarship Granted

Lewis and Clark 5th           $500 Scholarship Granted

Lewis and Clark 6th           $250

McClain 7th                       $750 Scholarship Granted

McClure 5th                      $250

McClure 6th                      $500

Owasso RAM                     $400

Peary Elementary 3rd        $1,250 Scholarship Granted

Peary Elementary 4th        $1,250

Peary Elementary 5th        $750

Peary Elementary 6th        $500

Rosa Parks 4th                 $1,250

Rosa Parks 5th                  $1,250

Skelly 5th                           $500 Scholarship Granted

Skelly 6th                           $500 Scholarship Granted

Zarrow 3rd                        $750

Zarrow 4th                        $500