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    "I was amazed at the knowledge they had on drugs, the topic today. What a period in their lives to reach out and teach them the negatives on drugs, clearly there is some experience or talk of it around them." Kim Adams Board member


    I love when Operation Aware comes to our class. We learn new ways to deal with bullying and how to help when we see someone getting bullied. It is my favorite part of the week! Disney 5th grade student


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Operation Aware Of Oklahoma Inc

Operation Aware is an award-winning non-profit organization that empowers youth. Our mission is to equip youth, through prevention education, with the knowledge and skills to make positive life choices. Founded in 1979, our agency serves more than 10,000 students every academic year across Northeast Oklahoma.

Operation Aware’s program delivers prevention education in the classroom, beginning in pre-kindergarten and following students through high school. Our educators teach students how their decisions today about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and relationships can have lifelong consequences. We provide students with techniques to help them resist negative influence and instead, make positive decisions that guide them to their long term goals.

Our results are powerful; young people who are equipped with the necessary skills needed to be strong, confident leaders of tomorrow.

Is Operation Aware in your child's school? If not, why not? The social impact from alcohol and drugs affect Oklahoman’s from all social classes. We work diligently to ensure we reach as many students as possible and attempt to accommodate each and every school, regardless of budget limitations, by providing scholarships to those that express interest in our program.