Operation Aware is the only comprehensive prevention education in Northeast Oklahoma, and our program receives rave reviews from students, teachers, administrators and counselors. Since 1979, we have taught nearly 700,000 students how to make positive life choices. 

As a nonprofit, Operation Aware is affordable for your school, and in many cases, we can provide full scholarships, provided by our generous donors. We can also help you fulfill your state-mandated requirements. To sign up or learn more, contact Mackenzie Staples at 918-582-7884 ext. 102. 

Operation Aware offers a research-based character education programs that, over eight weeks, teaches young people to:

·         Develop positive self-esteem through responsible behavior

·         Assume responsibility for their actions

·         Respect the rights of others

·         Work cooperatively with others

·         Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills

·         Use self-discipline to achieve goals

·         Resist negative peer pressure

To learn more about our school program, download our information sheet. To learn more about the research and evaluation of our program's effectiveness, download our evaluation summary